Frequent questions

Signing up for the Repsol International Volunteering Week is very easy and fast. You only need to select the country where you are and choose the activity that fits your preferences.

You must complete a form with your personal data to sign up.

When you’re finished, we will confirm your registration according to the availability of positions.

If you have any problems when signing up, you can email us at

No prior experience or specific training is required for most of the volunteer initiatives offered. In the cases when specific training is needed, we will offer you the option to participate in training sessions and send you the corresponding documentation.

In this initiative, you can participate if you are a current or retired employee of Repsol, Fundación Repsol, Dynasol, and other companies not managed by the Repsol Group. In addition, some activities are open for you to bring friends and family members, provided they are at least five years old.

The volunteer activities of the 3rd Repsol International Volunteering Week are focused on addressing the Sustainable Development Goal Climate Action (SDG 13), in accordance with the commitment by Repsol and the Repsol Foundation to drive a transition to sustainable energy.

In addition, given the exceptional circumstances brought about by COVID-19, we have launched some activities to address the most urgent needs of the groups most affected by the pandemic. These initiatives are focused on donating food, preparing hygiene kits, and raising awareness at schools.

You can register in your private area, logging in with your username and password and clicking on “Unregister.” You will receive an email to confirm that you are unregistered.

Yes, although you are registered as a Repsol volunteer, you must register on this platform to take part in this initiative. However, if you participated in last year’s Repsol International Volunteering Week, you can sign up for the activities with the same username and password that you used last year. If you have any questions, email us at

This year, both in person and online volunteer activities are offered, adapted to the current situation. Specific procedures have been created for each activity, explaining the necessary safety and hygiene measures required by local authorities in order to guarantee participation in the activities.

In that situation, we will offer you the option for a virtual volunteer opportunity in the field of the in-person activity you signed up for.