Training and Development

Professional Volunteering

Your knowledge and experience could contribute to making other people's lives better! Want to know how? Sign up for the new Professional volunteering initiative and support several social organisations that work in energy transition and the inclusion of vulnerable populations.

As a member of the volunteer team, you will collaborate in serving the needs of a social organisation, with the goal of solving specific management challenges, which may help their projects to have a greater positive impact.

Now you can support Fundación CODESPA! If you work in the area of sustainability, safety, environment, or communication, you can support a fishing community in the North of Ecuador by analyzing their energy and environment status. Additionally, you will participate in designing an awareness-raising campaign that will be spread through emilpa, a digital platform that sends SMS messages to populations in isolated areas in Central America, with the aim of contributing to improve their practices in terms of energy efficiency and waste management, as well as to improve their level of productivity and income.

This group of volunteers will participate in this initiative virtually and flexibly, depending on their availability.

Don't miss this opportunity to share your talent!

Once you have signed up for this activity, we would appreciate if you could send us a brief description of your education and professional profile, as well as your previous experience in volunteering at the email voluntariado@fundacionrepsol.com.

DOWNLOAD - Manual Professional Volunteering. Fundación CODESPA support (PDF)