Energy Efficiency

Energy with conciousness

Volunteer to take part in this activity that allows you to transmit your knowledge about energy efficiency to 3rd and 4th year secondary students, giving practical and dynamic workshops focused on simulating an energy audit in schools.

You can explain concepts about energy, measurement, and data analysis, as well as carry out experiments related to energy and the importance of using energy resources responsibly. Thanks to these sessions, students will be able to conduct a study on the energy efficiency of the centre by analysing the water, electrical, and thermal systems.

Energy with consciousness aims to help students learn to value the energy resources available to them and get them involved in spreading the importance of responsible energy use among their family and friends. This goes beyond observation, experimentation, and scientific analysis: it encourages future generations to be responsible citizens and share the knowledge they've learned, inspiring those around them to show respect for the environment.

At the end of the programme, the centres will be able to present their audit reports and compete at a national level to become energy efficiency champions.

Sign up and give them a hand to make it happen!

Sign up before 16th January.

More information at voluntariado@fundacionrepsol.com.

DOWNLOAD - Manual Energy with conciousness (PDF)