Actions in response to Covid-19

Volunteering to mitigate loneliness and isolation

Would you like to donate some of your time to helping the most vulnerable groups affected by the Covid-19 emergency? Collaborate by sending letters of support to the elderly, people with disabilities, or patients in hospital, with the purpose of mitigating the effects of social isolation and the fact that they are unable to visit with loved ones during confinement.

Repsol Foundation joins the Foundation to Promote Development and Integration (FDI) in its initiative “Cartas contra la soledad” [Letters against loneliness], in which Repsol volunteers and their families, including children, can send letters or drawings via email to the elderly and people with disabilities that live in nursing and care homes all over Spain, in order to keep them company and give them support.

Likewise, through the Foundation of Development and Assistance and its initiative “Nadiesolo” [No one alone], Repsol volunteers can also send support via correspondence to patients in 15 public hospitals in Madrid who are unable to enjoy the company of their loved ones.

Register to participate in these Repsol Volunteering actions designed to meet society's basic needs in light of the coronavirus crisis. You can get your close friends and family involved and send encouraging messages together.

DOWNLOAD - Manual Letters against loneliness (PDF)
DOWNLOAD - Manual No one alone (PDF)