22 Mar

What's new?

Fundación Repsol and CEATE (Spanish Confederation of Classrooms for the Elderly) have launched the fourth edition of Senior Energy. With the slogan 'What's New?', the programme organises different activities to help volunteers over 55 stay informed of the latest developments in science and culture.

Senior Energy is a programme centred on training for seniors who are cultural volunteers, helping keep them up-to-date on the latest in science and technology.

The participants, all aged over 55, will be spending the next few months attending tours and informational sessions to prepare them for their activity as cultural volunteers in various museums.

One of the training modules is about how technology can play a key role in our way of life in the near future. These sessions will delve into today's questions about the future, examining topics such as smart cities, big data, new materials of the future, and cohousing. The volunteers will also get a chance to try a virtual reality experience, so they can get to know all about this new technology. They'll also get closer to space as they learn about the planet KELT-9b and participate in the 'Mars Spanish Mission', a project that includes organisational, logistical, resource deployment, and communications simulations, as well as the creation of companies to participate in one of the great, upcoming challenges for humanity: the colonisation of the red planet.

On the cultural side, the volunteers will immerse themselves in the work of Murillo, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Sevillian painter.

This programme includes a section for training the new volunteers and another for the veterans to learn about the latest technologies used in the museums.

These are just some of the activities planned for this 2018 edition of Senior Energy, an initiative born to showcase the value our senior citizens' activity and everything they have to contribute to society.

The participants are part of the team of senior citizen cultural volunteers, some of whom are among the Repsol volunteers sharing their knowledge with the rest of society in different museums and cultural centres.

Right now you can find Repsol volunteers in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid and the Naval Museum of Cartagena (Murcia), among others.