17 Jan

Seniors with an abundance of energy

Around 30 cultural volunteers have participated in activities from the Senior Energy programme, run by Fundación Repsol and CEATE.

The Senior Energy programme, run by Fundación Repsol and CEATE, finished off 2016 with different activities for senior cultural volunteers, allowing them to enjoy unique experiences by attending cultural visits and conferences with science and energy as the main focal points.

One group of volunteers visited the Repsol Technology Center, where they were given a detailed presentation on each one of the projects carried out there. They also had the opportunity to see the laboratories where we work on innovative solutions for the future of energy.

Another notable initiative was Ignacio Mar­tínez Mendizábal's visit to the Museo Geominero in Madrid. Martínez Mendizábal, who holds a doctorate in biology and is also a renowned paleontologist, gave a conference on the studies carried out in Atapuerca in which he explained the details of his experiences and discoveries at the archaeological site located in the mountains of Burgos.

The cultural volunteers also visited the Human Evolution Museum in Burgos. This museum houses the most important discoveries from the Atapuerca mountains and leads the visitor on a "journey through time" to discover, interpret, and reflect on the evolution of our past, our origins, and the true relativity of the word "time".

The last activity was a visit to the Petroleum Museum in Sargentes de la Lora (Burgos), the only one of its kind in Spain, which is part of the Las Loras Geopark Project.

Those who participated in this activity revelled in the wonderful views on the way to the museum which, according to one participant, showed "nature in its purest form".

This programme of conferences and visits complements the activities of the Senior Energy cultural volunteers, a group of 17 people who act as guides in various museums in Madrid and Cartagena. Furthermore, there will soon be new volunteers at cultural spaces in A Coruña, which just goes to show that seniors have a great deal to contribute to our society.

Group of people during the visit to the Petroleum Museum in Sargentes de La Lora (Burgos).