25 Apr

Repsol volunteers committed to their local areas

Fundación Repsol has conducted four studies to find out the main social needs in Bizkaia, Madrid, Region of Murcia and Ciudad Real, by relating them to the concerns of Repsol employees, in order to sponsor high-impact corporate volunteering activities.

In cooperation with the consultancy Voluntariado y Estrategia, Fundación Repsol has conducted a number of studies to analyse the social needs of four of the areas in which volunteering takes place: Bizkaia, Community of Madrid, Region of Murcia and Ciudad Real.

In addition to the participation of the major social agents, interviews, focus groups and surveys were held among Repsol Group employees in these places, to find out what their social concerns are. These studies supplement the reports already produced in A Coruña and Tarragona.

The results of the studies will help to construct a corporate volunteering strategy that fits in with the most important needs of the local population and the interests of the Repsol volunteers, producing a greater commitment and social impact on the surrounding area.

According to data obtained for the report produced in Bizkaia, the vast majority of employees surveyed in this province prefer to take part in technical and educational volunteering. 83% chose these two options and demonstrated a special interest in working with adolescents.

The concern of the residents of Bizkaia for educational volunteering can be linked to the important role that education plays in the Basque Country, which has one of the highest percentages of people with a higher education: 47% in the 25 to 64 age group, well above the average for Spain (21.9%).

Elsewhere, the report produced in Ciudad Real showed the commitment of Repsol employees to their surrounding environment. 67% of those surveyed in Ciudad Real stated that environmental volunteering activities attracted them to corporate volunteering most. It should be noted that 95.7% of the participants considered one of the great incentives was doing these activities with the family.

The biggest social challenge of this province is improving the employability of its inhabitants. To try to resolve this situation, Repsol employees in Ciudad Real considered that people who are unemployed are the group that they would like Repsol and its Foundation to help through different initiatives. They also emphasized their interest in promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.

In the Community of Madrid, the results of the study showed that the greatest social concern of employees was unemployment and quality employment. 60% of those surveyed considered this to be their main social concern currently.

To combat this issue, the Repsol volunteers chose education. Of the 136 people surveyed, 85 selected educational volunteering as their favourite area for corporate volunteering, followed by environmental and technical volunteering.

The social group with which Repsol volunteers in Madrid prefer to work is seniors, which is associated with the fact that the Community of Madrid has the highest life expectancy of all European regions with a similar territorial level (84.9 years), which makes this group very numerous and one needing greater attention, according to the social organisations taking part. In addition, there is also a special awareness of the need to support people who are in a situation of social exclusion, a group that forms 19.2% of the population of Madrid.

Finally, education stood out among the results obtained in the Region of Murcia. This region has the youngest population in Spain but one of its great problems is the school drop-out rate. In 2016, it was 26.4%, making it the autonomous region with the highest rate, except for the Balearic Islands.

Repsol’s employees are aware of this situation and wish to collaborate in the area of education. According to the data from the study, 70% of employees in the Region of Murcia chose educational volunteering as their favourite option and adolescents as the main beneficiaries.

However, the first preference for volunteering of the Region’s employees is to put their professional abilities to use in helping the younger generation. 75% therefore chose technical volunteering, making it their preferred option for corporate volunteering activities.

With these reports, the Fundación Repsol team will be able to analyse the results and develop corporate volunteering activities with the greatest social impact in each area, as well as meeting the concerns of the Repsol volunteers.

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