22 Feb

An impactful project

A year ago, Fundación Repsol launched the first edition of the Transform your energy programme to support projects inspired by entrepreneurial volunteers. Today we take a look at the trajectory of one of the initiatives driven by the commitment of Repsol volunteers. Discover EnergINaction!

With Fundación Repsol, entrepreneurship can also play a role in volunteering. Here's an example of a "company" with excellent results: it's already helped over 100 young people!

EnergINaction is the brainchild of six Repsol volunteers who wanted to work with young people in Tarragona. Together with the private foundation EnXarxa and the Vila-seca City Council, they designed an innovative project that gives young people an opportunity to share their perspective on life through film, covering different social topics including friendship, bullying, disabilities, and motivation during adolescence.

Around 20 volunteers offered the students guidance on filming and promoting their videos. You can see how the short films turned out at energianaccion.org

Today, the EnergINaction group continues to work and collaborate on different social initiatives in Tarragona, always focused on empowering young people. Recently, they worked together with Institut Roseta Mauri (Reus) and Escola Joan XXIII (Tarragona) to design a variety of activities that allow new volunteers to contribute their time to supporting the development of future generations. For more information about these activities, please visit the EnergINaction website or write to energianaccion@gmail.com.

Transform your energy

Fundación Repsol launched the first edition of Transform your energy in January of 2017. This new programme was aimed at volunteers who wanted to take the initiative and collaborate with local entities in a way that gave them more freedom and flexibility in terms of organising their schedule.

With this project, Repsol volunteers were able to choose their own topics and design a social project. In total, seven projects were proposed and three of them received support from Fundación Repsol to get up and running.

The first edition took place exclusively in Tarragona, but in 2018 the program is expanding so volunteers in other provinces can help improve their communities. More information will be available soon on voluntariado.fundacionrepsol.com!