26 Feb

How to make a difference in A Coruña through corporate volunteering

With the aim of increasing the social impact of volunteering activities, Fundación Repsol has carried out a study that links the main social needs detected by third sector organisations in A Coruña with the concerns of Repsol volunteers in this area.

The results of this study, which brought together around 20 social organisations based in A Coruña and over 100 Repsol employees, are included in the report Social context and interest in corporate volunteering in A Coruña.

The aim is to determine the areas where Repsol volunteers can make a difference, considering the needs detected by the social agents who work in the area day in day out.

The report explains that the main social problems are related to gender-based inequality and discrimination, demonstrated by a gender violence rate that is double the national average; poverty resulting from the financial crisis, which affects 20% of households that, for example, cannot heat their homes; or geographic dispersion, causing greater isolation and reducing the population's opportunities for access to employment, technology, and leisure activities.

The concerns expressed by Repsol employees who took part in the study were mainly focused on unemployment and education. Furthermore, 88% of participants would like to get their friends and family involved in volunteering activities.

One of the challenges associated with the development of a volunteering action plan in A Coruña is the need to link it to the current local situation, with a variety of one-off and long-term projects.

There must be spaces for dialogue between social agents, Repsol, Fundación Repsol, and volunteers in order to detect new collaboration opportunities that help us to improve the area and have a positive impact on society.

The report was created in collaboration with the consulting firm Voluntariado y Estrategia. A similar study has already been carried out in the province of Tarragona and the process is currently under way in Bizkaia, Madrid, Murcia, and Ciudad Real.

You can find the full report in the Publications section.

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