28 Feb

How can we ensure volunteering has maximum impact?

Volunteering has become an important tool to achieve social development and cohesion, but it's not always easy to ensure that volunteers' actions have an impact on the population's real needs and transform their lives. Fundación Repsol is carrying out a series of studies to try and find the solution to this problem.

The first step toward solving a problem is to perform a detailed analysis. When it comes to social well-being, nobody is more familiar with the problems affecting the population of a certain area than the people who work to help them, day in day out.

The studies carried out by Fundación Repsol are focused on the provinces where the energy company has a particularly strong presence: Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, and Bizkaia.

Each one is different and unique, meaning that we must be familiar with the situation in each province in order to have a positive, meaningful impact. For this reason, the studies are being performed in collaboration with the most representative social organisations in each location. The aim of these focus groups is to assess the main social needs detected and centre Repsol volunteering programmes on tackling these problems.

Another pillar of an effective volunteering plan are the volunteers themselves. Their motivation and dedication to the cause is fundamental. This is why the study also comprises a series of focus groups and surveys in each location involving Repsol employees who have already volunteered and those who haven't. These meetings analyse the social concerns of the potential volunteers and give them the opportunity to share their experience of and views on volunteering.

All this information is used to carry out a variety of studies together with the consulting firm Voluntariado y Estrategia, with the aim of laying the foundations for communication between volunteers and social organisations and developing volunteering plans that have maximum impact.

Similar reports have also been developed in the provinces of Tarragona and A Coruña.