1 Mar

An excellent volunteering experience

Repsol Volunteering has received a Certificate of Excellence from the corporate volunteering network Voluntare.

We’re celebrating! Repsol Volunteering boasts the Excellence PLUS accreditation given by the corporate volunteering network Voluntare (@Voluntare).

This certificate promotes:

  • Professionalising the management of Corporate Volunteering.
  • Recognition of organisational best practices.
  • Guidance for professionals to improve volunteer plans.

In order to receive this certificate, the key issues to corporate volunteering management are assessed, such as strategy, volunteer training and recognition, action impact measurement, and company commitment to the volunteering program.

The certificate is valid for three years and is based on a questionnaire designed by Voluntare.

If you’d also like to become part of this excellent volunteering experience, register with Repsol Volunteering and discover how to contribute to building a better world.