23 Feb

Energy with consciousness in 18 schools

The second round of this educational programme organised by Fundación Repsol has begun, this time reaching 18 schools in A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, Tarragona, and Bizkaia. 83 Repsol volunteers are collaborating in this initiative who will spend a school day with the students.

The Energy with consciousness programme is under way. Over the course of several months, students from 18 participating schools will perform an energy audit of their own school with the help of volunteers. This will enable them to understand how to be more efficient when using energy resources in day to day activities.

According to Miguel Ángel Alonso, who is a Repsol employee that has taken part in this project in Tarragona, “being a volunteer gives me satisfaction by being able to dedicate my time to people who are in the process of learning and those generations that will have the task of making our life and our world more sustainable”.

During the process, the volunteers visit the schools during the school day to carry out different workshops and experiments, enabling the students to gain a better understanding of energy efficiency. The team of volunteers is made up of 53 Repsol employees and retirees and 30 vocational training students or undergraduate and master students involved in the field. Furthermore, in some cases, they will help the students when performing the energy audit, answering their questions and encouraging them to advance in their research.

According to Eduardo Muñoz who is a volunteer and is also studying an advanced vocational training programme in energy efficiency and solar thermal energy at IFP Virgen de Gracia de Puertollano, “the kids find the practical activities really interesting, they help them learn while having fun, and that is really important”.

The volunteers began visiting the schools on 15 February, and they will continue to do so until 10 March. After this, the students must continue with the audit, checking utility bills and detecting possible areas for improvement such as how to save water, how to improve insulation systems, etc. At the end of the course, they can present their audit report, and the best presentations nationwide will be given the chance to take part in a new round of the Energy with consciousness championship.

The schools taking part during the 2015-2016 academic year are:  Colegio Marista Cristo Rey in A Coruña; Colegio Mª Inmaculada, IES Fray Andrés and Colegio San Juan Bosco in Puertollano (Ciudad Real); Colegio de Jesús, Colegio El Porvenir, Colegio Estudiantes Las Tablas, Colegio Montserrat – Fuhem, IES Arcipreste de Hita and IES Gabriel García Márquez in Madrid; Colegio La Inmaculada - PP Franciscanos, Colegio La Sagrada Familia, IES Los Molinos and IES Mediterráneo in Cartagena (Murcia); Institut Antoni Martí i Franquès, Institut Cristòfol Despuig, Institut Salvador Vilaseca in Tarragona, Tortosa and Reus, respectively and Centro de Formación Somorrostro in Múskiz (Bizkaia).

In addition to raising awareness about the responsible use of energy resources, this project is also a way for the students to build on their communication and teamwork skills.

This initiative forms part of the Fundación Repsol Aprendenergía (Learn Energy) programme, which began with the goal of teaching topics related to science and energy, particularly to young men and women.