1 Apr

Discover the winning projects in Entrepreneurial Volunteering initiative

Seven projects created by Repsol volunteers, in collaboration with a social organisation, will receive the support of the Repsol Foundation through the entrepreneurial Volunteering program to help start them up.

On International Volunteer Day, 5 December, we launched the first international Entrepreneurial volunteering initiative. An innovative initiative that allows Repsol employees and retirees to take the initiative and design, together with a social organisation, a volunteer project that has a positive impact on their local community.

The period for submitting applications closed on 14th  February, and we received a total of 40 projects, presented by teams of Repsol volunteers (20 projects from Europe, 16 from Latin America, 3 from North America, and 1 from Asia-Pacific).

In the preparation of the proposals, the Repsol volunteers collaborated directly with different social organisations in their local community with the objective of meeting real social and environmental needs, within the framework of the energy transition.

After evaluating the projects, taking into account their social impact, sustainability, and scalability, as well as their level of innovation and their ability to mobilize volunteers, an evaluation committee from the Repsol Foundation, together with experts from the Lealtad Foundation, selected a total of seven projects:

  • The collector's house - Amigarse Foundation (Santa Cruz, Bolivia), an initiative in which Repsol volunteers will advise the community on how to promote entrepreneurial projects based around the circular economy, which will generate employment for 500 impoverished families. 
  • Production of kattoui fabric using recycled plastic - Siapana COARWAS (La Guajira, Colombia), as part of this project Repsol volunteers will advise 30 local artisans to change their business model and start working with fabrics made from recycled plastic, in addition to giving environmental awareness sessions in local schools. 
  • Sustainability Laboratory - Biblioseo Foundation (Bogotá, Colombia), construction of a research centre/ garden centre to promote sustainable local agriculture and livestock, benefiting more than 150 families. In addition to collaborating in the construction and preparation of this space, Repsol volunteers will give training sessions on new agricultural techniques and give advice on how to promote sustainable businesses.
  • Play and learn to improve people's lives - Engineering for the Cooperation (Bizkaia, Spain), an educational app, developed by Repsol Volunteers and experts from the social organisation, which will help make children and young people aware of the effects of climate change in our society, and how they can help to improve this situation through small changes.
  • Music as a tool for social transformation - National Batuta Foundation (Bogotá, Colombia), workshops led by Repsol volunteers to make instruments from recycled materials, in which 140 children and young people from vulnerable families will participate. 
  • Environment without limits - Adisili (Madrid, Spain), an environmental training program aimed at 21 young people with intellectual disabilities taught by Repsol volunteers, which includes workshops, reforestation of degraded natural spaces, and the development of a good practices manual on energy efficiency.
  • Repsol Boardwalk on the Spring Creek Nature Trail - Bayou Land Conservancy (Texas, United States), thanks to the collaboration of Repsol volunteers, a wooden bridge will be built to connect the Harris and Montgomery regions, benefiting more than 500,000 residents of this area, who will be able to access these natural spaces.

Each of these initiatives will run for a year, until April 2021. To do this, the Repsol Foundation will provide them with 10,000 euros each and will support the recruitment of new volunteers. During this time, the team of Repsol volunteers behind the projects will work hand in hand with the social organisations to help develop them. Congratulations to all the winners! We will be in touch soon with all the latest news!

Entrepreneurial volunteering is an innovative trend aimed at volunteers seeking innovative volunteering opportunities where they can take the initiative and which give them greater freedom and a more flexible timetable.

If you want to find out more about this and other Repsol Volunteering initiatives, become a volunteer and discover how you can give your time to build a more sustainable planet.