1 Aug

Corporate volunteering joins the fight against energy poverty

Fundación Repsol has participated in a work group seminar organized by Voluntare, called "Addressing Energy Issues as a Part of Corporate Volunteering." The reflections and conclusions from this exchange have been included in a report.

A report written up following the work group seminar "Addressing Energy Issues as a Part of Corporate Volunteering" was presented during Voluntare's 8th anniversary celebration this past July 17th.Fundación Repsol was among the seminar's participants.

Over the past few months, six companies and five different social-interest organisations that work on issues related to energy have participated in this work group that includes our foundation. Among the results of this fruitful collaboration has been the publication of a document that lays out groundbreaking best practices and identifies the latest trends and keys to success of corporate volunteering programs.

The purpose of this report is to offer an inspirational tool to promote new projects and galvanise new alliances. It also recounts a total of nine corporate volunteering initiatives that address energy issues, one of them being Fundación Repsol's own Energy with Consciousness.

In this activity, employee-volunteers share their knowledge about energy efficiency with school students aged 14 – 16 in practical and dynamic workshops focused on performing an energy audit of their school.