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For yet another year, the Repsol Foundation is collaborating with the Integra Foundation in the Skills Redevelopment Program, a comprehensive training and empowerment program aimed at people at risk of marginalization, including female survivors of gender-based violence, homeless people, prostituted and/or trafficked women, former drug addicts, ex-prisoners, vulnerable young people or on probation, and people with disabilities. Through this training, they are allowed to rediscover their skills and abilities, channeling them to find a job and, in particular, green jobs.

By collaborating in the Program, you will be able to run training sessions based on your knowledge and professional experience, such as CV preparation, personal branding, job interviews, basic legal training, home economics, among other aspects.

Not will only will you pass on theoretical and technical knowledge, you will also contribute to strengthening their identity as people with the right to a satisfying life full of possibilities. The workshops will provide them with the necessary tools in their search for employment and the selection processes, and find a job that will allow them to play a key role in their future. The main goal is for students to recover their self-esteem and hope for the future, recognizing their skills in order to enter the job market successfully.


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