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Do you want to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and healthy habits?
Fashion as part of the primary needs has several problems in the fashion industry, such as water pollution from chemical dyes and soil contamination with pesticides for cotton farming.
In response to these problems, sustainable fashion began to develop by offering alternative solutions to minimize the impact on living things and environment by having fashion products that can be recycled, using natural dyes and the selection of natural fibers for clothing materials with more durable quality.

What will be your role as a volunteer?
Through this workshop, let’s take a step by having knowledge on how we could contribute more to mother earth through Eco Printing - a form of natural dyeing where the colors from plant material are transferred to paper or fabric via Eco Pounding technique.

This session will provide you with information and starter kit to create your own Tote Bag design with environmental friendly materials. This session includes lunch.

What are you waiting for, take your family and let’s learn and do something for our earth!

You don't need to have specific knowledge, just a good attitude and a willingness to learn.
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