Collaborate with your time
Choose where and when, areas and your preferences

Do you want to contribute to the energy transition by volunteering with your team? 


If you're a leader, this year the Repsol Foundation is organizing a volunteer activity for your team. 

If you are part of a team, go ahead and suggest it to your leader.

You can take part in environmental activities, which will help us meet the challenges and needs of society, and the Sustainable Development Goals


Who can participate? 

 Teams of employees from the same area or management where Repsol in present.  

 What kind of activities can we collaborate in?  

 We offer you different environmental activities adapted to your team’s needs that can be done outdoors, in your workplace, and/or online:

-Reforestation and/or reconditioning of natural areas.

-Waste collection and cleaning of natural areas.

-Environmental activities for vulnerable groups

-Awareness-raising workshops on the environment for vulnerable groups.

-"The Climate Mural” workshop

Consult all the information about the activities in the project manual.

 How can we collaborate?  

To take part in these activities, it is necessary for the team to appoint a team leader who will be in charge of registering the team, channelling the group's preferences, and be the contact person with the Repsol Foundation.  

 The specific functions as responsible/spokesperson are: 

  • Inform colleagues about the call and form the participating team.  

  • Agree with the team the characteristics of the activity to be carried out and transfer them to the Repsol Foundation.  

  • Be the contact person between the participating team and the Foundation.  

Once the registration is completed, we will contact you to design the activity, outline the details, and answer any questions you may have. 

  Join the team that goes the distance!


  Aimed at: employees of Repsol  

 For more information or to answer any questions: