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Professional Volunteering

Development of a business plan for the recycling activity for the Amica entity, an association in Cantabria (Spain) made up of family members, people with disabilities and professionals.

Prepare a technical document that includes the objectives, the description of the organizational structure, market research, competitive analysis, sales strategies, financial data and future forecasts and recommendations for this entity.


- Create jobs for people with disabilities
- Reduce environmental pollution, by making the recycling activities of the Amica entity profitable.

Knowledge areas:

- Energy efficiency
- Strategy and Business Development
- Production and Maintenance
- Marketing
- Innovation, Quality and Improvement

Aimed at: Repsol employees

Inscripción: Hasta el 18 de abril. Finalizado el plazo de inscripción, seleccionaremos aquellos voluntarios que se ajusten más a los perfiles profesionales identificados para lograr este reto.

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